stomvi elite CP tromboneModel #TB4102

Technical Specifications:
Bore: 13,97mm/0,547”
Bell: Copper (216mm/8½”)
Valve: Open Wrap
Tuning slide: Square
Leadpipe: Large shank
Slide: Light
Inner slide: Chromed nickel silver
Outer slide: Yellowbrass
Finish: Clear lacquered
Mechanism: Minibal
Access to slide stopper with detachable system
Mouthpiece: Classic 6A

The Stomvi ELITE trombone is a new professional instrument developed by Stomvi again from the hand of Vicente Honorato. It has been conceived to fulfil a double purpose: on the one hand, to allow the student who wants his first high-end instrument a comfortable transition and on the other hand, to give an option to the professional trombonist looking for an easy, flexible instrument with an optimal quality of sound, at a fair price. 

It is a trombone of immediate response, flexible, with a good balance, a rich and uniform sound in all registers and in all the dynamics. In its construction the priority has been given to ease: it allows a quick adaptation to the instrument, providing fluency and easiness when playing.