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stomvi funda basic 1Model #N-10

Light trumpet case where the instrument is very stable.

stomvi funda profesional 1Model #N-20

Resistant light case for a trumpet.

stomvi funda 2trompetas 1Model #N-21

Reinforced case for two trumpets.

stomvi funda 4trompetas 1Model #BG10719

Measuring 23” wide, 15” tall and 7.5” deep without music pouch, it features a hard polymer shell with foam interior, backpack and shoulder straps, a snap on/off music pouch, adjustable interior partitions, mouthpiece pouch, and 2 carrying handles.

stomvi funda trompeta partituras 1Model #N-05

One trumpet case with a great capacity pocket where you can carry books and scores.

stomvi funda piccolo 1Model #N-04

Light and tough case, costumed designed for the smallest of the family.

stomvi funda corneta 1Model #N-03

Light and hard case for one cornet.

stomvi funda fliscorno 1 Model #N-18

Square case with an especially padded inside, and perfectly adapted to the instrument shape.

stomvi funda trombon 1Model #N-08

Very light trombone case with multiple pockets for accessories and complements.

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