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accesorios stomvi boquilleros pielLeather mouthpiece pouche, fitted with clip closure and belt loop.

accesorios stomvi boquilleros nylonMouthpiece pouch made ​​of high strength nylon, fitted with velcro closure and belt loop.

accesorios stomvi boquillero semirigidoModel #9267

Semi-rigid mouthpiece pouch, with dual zipper and belt clip with convenient velcro

accesorios stomvi grasaModel #9925

In order to keep your instrument in optimal conditions, we recommend the use of valve oil and grease.

accesorios stomvi aceiteModel #9915

In order to keep your instrument in optimal conditions, we recommend the use of valves oil and grease.

stomvi funda profesional 1Model #N-20

Resistant light case for a trumpet.

stomvi funda 2trompetas 1Model #N-21

Reinforced case for two trumpets.

stomvi funda 4trompetas 1Model #BG10719

Measuring 23” wide, 15” tall and 7.5” deep without music pouch, it features a hard polymer shell with foam interior, backpack and shoulder straps, a snap on/off music pouch, adjustable interior partitions, mouthpiece pouch, and 2 carrying handles.

accesorios stomvi cepillo cilindrosModel #9815

Brush to clean the valve casing. It drags any dirt and allows placing the valves and properly oil them.Its bristles are designed to be aggressive enough to remove dirt while preserving the inner cylinder walls without harming them.

accesorios stomvi cepillo boquillasModel #9805

Brush to clean the inside of the back bore of the mouthpiece.

accesorios stomvi manoplaModel #L-226

It allows keeping the trumpet machine safe from sweat and aggressive agents, extending the life of the instrument.

accesorios stomvi extractor boquillasModel #NS100

Accessory designed to remove the mouthpiece stuck in the trumpet leadpipe without causing the slightest damage to the instrument or mouthpiece.

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