stomvi elite bellflex french hornModel #TP4101 Raw brass 
Model #TP4100 Lacquered

Professional double Franch Horn Bb/F
Bore: 11,9mm/0.468" 
Bell: Yellow brass (310mm/12 1/5")
System: Geyer 
Bell type: Detachable
Leadpipe material: Gold brass
Body material: Yellow brass
Tubes material: Nickel Silver
Rotary valves: Yellow Brass solid valves 
Mechanism: Minibal
Finger hook: Adjustable 
Finish: Raw brass or lacquered 
Mouthpiece: 6CBRY
Upon request: Flipper / adjustable gap leadpipe

Following the philosophy of design and vanguard of our Titán French Horn, we have designed the new Stomvi Elite French Horn. It is a versatile instrument able to cover for the widest expectations of any horn player. Designed with the Geyer-Knopf system and traditional valve, its ergonomics have been strengthened to the maximum without sacrifice, not even an ounce of its performance. 

Our new Elite French horn is an option to be evaluated by the advanced student, the amateur horn player and the professional horn player looking for comfort, balance and performance with a price.
* Dynamic Mass caps optional
stomvi elite french horn2  stomvi elite french horn 3  Trompa Elite stomvi art