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stomvi complementos trompeta bomba cuarto tono

Model #119810

The quarter tone is used, among others, in traditional Arabic music, which divides the western scale of an octave into 24 parts instead of 12 (the traditional semitone).

There are already several contemporary composers who use this resource in their new creations. Pierre Boulez, Iannis Xenakis, Krzysztof Penderecki or Hilda Paredes are some examples of this composition current.

In Stomvi we have managed to give an easy and comfortable solution, and also effective, by creating the quarter tone slide.

It adapts to the Stomvi Titan C trumpet of 3 or 4 valves without problems and it is operated with the left hand on a simple and ergonomic way. Another great advantage is that it is not necessary to change the instrument; simply it is necessary to change the main tuning slide.

New challenges, new solutions. 
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