sbalz 2019

Stomvi exhibition July 3rd
With the participation of Luis González

From the beginning, the SBALZ Festival has had Spanish Brass as a resident group and "alma mater". This year in which the group turns 30, the festival wants to join this celebration. For this, many friends will come to celebrate it.

There will be many activities and concerts, but we would like to highlight the concert in which Spanish Brass will bring together different Valencian groups that during these years have accompanied them in their career or have crossed their path, a concert in which they will have Amores Grup de Percussió, Casulana Quintet, B3: Brouwer Trio, Purpura Pansa and, in a very special way, Al Tall.

To all this we must add that the festival comes of age of majority, although it could seem few, have been 18 years full of experiences, friendships and great moments.