brassurround 2019


With the participation of Benjamín Moreno

The Brassurround Festival - Torrent is born with a clear pedagogical mission, always our projects have participated in this aspect of music, and without it they would have no meaning.

The 13th edition of Brassurround we have focused and in a way we want to pay tribute to our school of metals, making a 100% "made in Spain" edition. We will count as teachers in addition to the members of Spanish Brass Benjamín Moreno (trumpet), José Chanzá (horn), Carlos Gil (trombone) and Ramiro Tejero (tuba).

Three extraordinary concerts will mark the Festival Brassurround - Torrent, one of the latest shows by Spanish Brass, "Mira si hem corregut terres ..." with Carles Denia; the already classical concert of the "Cercle Catòlic" Band of Torrent accompanying some of the festival's teachers and the concert of Russian-Israeli trumpeter Sergei Nakariakov, who will hold a one-day masterclass for the trumpeters.

In short, we follow our path, sure that what we do is the fruit of our passion. Enjoy it!